Short Hair Parlor
Fall 2019


  • The Classic

    30 mins

    This is your quintessential, clippers cut that could include a fade, taper, design etc. If you or your cut requires scissors at all, choose the "Maverick".

  • The Maverick

    45 mins

    This is for any clippers or scissors cut that takes a bit more time. If you’ve got an intricate or complex cut, this one's for you.

  • The Transformation

    45 mins

    This is for those doing a big hair transformation. The barber may need a bit more time to make sure you get the new look you want.

  • The Buzzcut

    30 mins

    A one-level clipper cut. Nothing more, nothing less. If you want any variation of a buzzcut (fades, designs etc), please choose The Classic.

  • Bangs

    15 mins

    If you need to cut or trim your bangs, this one’s for you. If you plan to do more than your bangs, choose the "Maverick" instead.

  • Not sure which one to choose? Shoot us an email. We got you.