Short Hair Parlor
Fall 2019


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    Phluid Haircuts

    @ The Phluid Project

    Feb 9

    We're going back to The Phluid Project to dish out cuts, in store, on Saturday, February 9th!

    Barber: Vivian

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    Fall Fresh

    @ LES Downtown

    Oct 20

    As much as we all don’t want to accept it, fall has arrived. The pumpkin flavors and scents are out and we can choose to fight it or accept it. Either way, we’re back to get you fresh for fall!

    Barber: Aston

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    @ The Phluid Project

    Aug 25 - 26

    Calling all students! We’re partnering with The Phluid Project for a Back-to-School Pop-Up! Need a fresh haircut for your first day back? We gotchu.

    Barbers: Aston(Sat), Rachael(Sun)

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    Summer Pop-Up

    @ You & Sundry

    Jun 17 - Jul 14

    NYC, we are back this summer with a month-long, custom built pop-up!! Come by for a haircut, explore our shop or just relax in our lounge.

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    Scissors & Clippers

    @ New Women Space

    Mar 10 - 11

    A Pop-Up Barbershop and Portrait Series Exhibition celebrating women and gender non-conforming individuals who cut and rock short hair. Sponsored by Birchbox.