Short Hair Parlor
Fall 2019

Be a guest barber

We had an amazing 2-day pop-up in March for Women's Day and we're excited to host another pop-up this summer, for a full month. Our second pop-up will take place June 17th - July 14th in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. See below for more information before you apply.

Our Mission

While we welcome everyone at You & Sundry, our primary focus is women and the lgbtq+ community. Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for anyone, no matter their gender identity, expression or sexual orientation to get their hair cut. If you're down for that, then apply!

Shop Hours

There are full day shifts available Monday through Sunday from June 17th - July 14th 2018.

  • Monday-Friday : 12pm-9pm
  • Saturday-Sunday : 10am-7pm


We're currently looking at a space in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave. Nearest train stops are Hoyt-Schermerhorn (A,C,G) and Atlantic Ave (almost all trains).


Please note, we are still working on finalizing these services and prices, so they are subject to change.

  • Haircuts (30min-60min) : $45-$60
  • Undercuts (30min) : $35
  • Bangs (15min) : $10


We value our guest barbers and are excited to work with you, so we designed a commission structure that pays more the longer we work together.

  • For your first 1-4 shifts, you will receive 40% commission.
  • For your next 5-12 shifts, you will receive 45% commission.
  • For your 13th shift or more, you will receive 50% commission.

Other things to note

  • We can only accept barbers who have an active license and whose license will not expire before the end of the pop-up.
  • If accepted, you would be working with us as an independent contractor. We advise you to double check that you are not violating any non-competes in any contracts with your current employer.
  • We'll review your application within a few days and let you know if you've been accepted.
  • Please apply by May 28th to be considered.

Email us anytime at if you have any additional questions or comments.

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